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Fiamma Bike Block Pro 3 Black




Ensure that your bikes are secure while you are cruising to your next destination. The Fiamma Bike -Block Support Arm locks your bike into place by securing the oval bike tube at the top of your bike to the bike rack. Simply clamp the arm to your bike rack and place the quick strap around your bike tube. Both the clamp and the strap are designed with non-scratch bases to avoid damaging your bike and bike rack. A well secured bike ensures that you can focus fully on the road ahead.

Secures bikes on bike rack
Easy to install
Made out of durable, high quality materials
Non-scratch base, Fiamma bike blocking system
Fits round & oval bike tubes (25 mm to 100 mm)
Length: 38.5cm (min) - 42cm (max)

SKU: 350-02364

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