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SealX Primer 500ml




A water based cleaner used to prepare all surfaces including all paints, all plastics, glass, alloy, stainless, porcelain, fibreglass and gel coat for the application of SealX Sealant.

Aviation:A 4 seater aircraft would typically need about 1 ltr of SealX Primer to prepare it for the application of SealX Sealant. Spray on and let it do the job ! Especially on sooty areas.

Wipe off to a clean surface, repeat the process if necessary. What you see is what you seal afterwards !

Please note that SealX Primer can not replace cutting compound used to polish dull surfaces back to a shine. SealX Primer removes previously applied wax, exhaust soot, grub, finger marks, flies and grime. Not oxidisation.

SealX Primer works very well in the cargo hold and cockpit as well.
Recommended prep prior to SealX application. Ensures a “clinically clean” surface to enable optimal bonding of sealant to paint, greatly enhancing durability and long-lasting protection.

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