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RejeX 16oz Applicator Bottle




Rejex is a thin film polymer coating that is really easy to apply. Having a higher refractive index than any wax, it produces richer, deeper colours and will protect from UV up to 9 months even in NZ's harsh sun. Once applied it reduces surface adhesion so exhaust, road grime, bird droppings, oil, bug splats, tar, grease, sap and pollen are far easier to wipe off. This makes it ideal for boats, RV's, cars, aircraft and anything else you want to keep clean. You can use it on windshields (glass, lexan, acrylic etc.) to repel rain and make it easier to clean. It also makes plastic clears on boats look amazing and increases clarity.

Easy to apply
Gives richer, deeper colours
Protects and beautifies painted metal, glass, acrylic, gel coat, fibreglass, glossy plastic and polished metal surfaces
Surfaces become non-stick and hydrophobic making them easy to clean in future
Protects surfaces from UV for up to 9 months even in NZ
Dramatically improves clarity in "milky" and hazy clears and plastic windows
Greatly reduces rain fade on radars and TV satellite domes due to its hyrdophobic properties
Does not contain silicone or wax
Aviation approved, NATO registered

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