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Purpleline Saracen Hitch Lock Ultra SHL300




Keep your pride and joy safe from theft with the Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock.
Designed to secure vehicle from being towed, the hitch lock is perfect for caravans, camper trailers, boat trailers and trailers with a standard 50mm ball. The hitch lock will deter thieves as the high strength steel construction will resist cutting and drilling. For extra security, the hitch lock features a 7-barrel lock to prevent drilling, picking and gas freezing. 
Benefits & Features
Hardened high strength steel which is resistant to cutting and drilling Barral

High-security, 7-lever barrel lock

Resistant to picking, drilling and gas freezing 

Suits standard 50mm ball hitches

Fits both when hitched or unhitched

Locks the trailer chains for maximum security when locking the hitch uncoupled

Barrel, lock, key, top shield, housing and insert shield

SKU: 450-06086 TAG: Security

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