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Like the original Orchid™, the OrchidPLUS™ still carries a built-in SIM that utilises GPS and GSM technologies via the M2M network and still has the same pin point accuracy to locate your assets anywhere in the world.

The key upgrade to the OrchidPLUS™ is that this model comes equipped with a built in lithium-ion battery and has the capability to last 30 days once a power supply is disconnected. Perfect for assets that do not have a constant power supply, the OrchidPLUS™ has been designed to trickle charge when connected to 12v – 24v power supplies making the OrchidPLUS™ a must for trailer, RV and boat owners a like.

Size is important, so with dimensions of only 10mm thick, 41mm long and 24mm wide, this makes the OrchidPLUS™ a very discrete device for tracking.

GPS co-ordinates will be retrieved and presented so long as the Orchid™ is within range of a cell tower and a signal is able to be sent and received. Please note the signal may be difficult to retrieve if the asset is inside a building or a metal box etc. If a GPS location is not able to be retrieved at the time the GSM tower location will be provided in the interim.

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