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Longing for summer?

With the daylight hours slowly getting longer, many of us are thinking about venturing out in our motorhomes and caravans, whilst long lazy summer days are a while off, now is a great time to start looking at your vehicle to make sure it's in tip top condition when summer arrives.

We have a few things to do to prepare our vehicles for the spring and summer, and given the current global climate and long delays with spare parts, now is a great time to start preparing.  As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

Here’s a few checks you can do to ensure you're ready to go as soon as summer arrives.

1. Test run your systems

There is nothing worse than getting to your campsite on a spring weekend to discover that something isn’t working. Whether it’s electrical or otherwise, having the comforts of home in your vehicle makes spring camping a whole lot easier! To play on the safe side, test run all your systems before hitting the road.

  • Run the water taps
  • Start the hot water heater
  • Test electrical outlets
  • Check your solar system
  • Let the fridge cool for 24 hours
  • Test slide-outs, pop-ups, and awning

This step also includes checking filters and vents for each system

2. Any repairs required

The obvious damages on doors, drawers, and fabrics are easy to spot. Take inventory, and tackle those kinds of little fixes first. It will feel good to check multiple items off your to-do list. Your interior will look like new in no time!

These damages might go unnoticed, until creepy crawlies come through your vents, or the air conditioner quits. Grab a ladder and check out the entire exterior of your Vehicle. Roof vents and air conditioners are standard accessories to check on any motorhome/caravan.  Check accessories like the satellite dish and make sure the solar panel is clean and free from any moss / mould.
Another often overlooked problem spot is sealants and moldings around windows, doors, and storage. Dryness and winter temperatures can cause cracks, and cracks mean your motorhome won’t withstand spring showers. Check the sealant around any slide-outs as well.

3. Check exterior lights and wiring

Don’t forget to check exterior lights: bulbs, batteries, damage, and debris. Check wires for damage, as well as outdoor plugs. Pack a variety of bulb and battery replacements if you want to be extra prepared for the start of the season!
Test the hitch electrical connections for working brake and signal lights a couple days before you plan to head out. That way, if something isn’t quite right, you have time to fix it.

4. Good cleaning inside and out

Finally, after everything is fixed, patched, and triple checked, get down to some spring cleaning. Sanitise your water system, including holding tanks and filters. Grab the ladder again to scrub the sides and roof. If your RV sat outside all winter, the groove between the awning and the roof probably needs some extra attention.

Inside, clean to the backs of cupboards and under all the cushions as an extra spring cleanup check. It’s not pretty, but warm, dark places are the perfect home for rodents. Leave all the windows open for the day to circulate fresh air when you’re finished.

Bonus cleaning: Organise the exterior storage compartments to make room for the new toys you collected over the winter.

5. Fill tyres and tanks

Checking your tires after winter storage is a must-do for your vehicle. Poorly maintained tyres can lead to catastrophic failure when driving which could cause damage to your vehicle and possibly cause an accident. 
Even if your first RV trip of the season is setting up camp at your regular spot, it’s a good idea to fill all the extra tyres, water tanks, gas tanks, and recharge batteries as backup.

Of course, if you’re unable to carry out any of these checks, the team here at Alliance RV would be more than happy to assist.


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