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Corrosion X - Rust Protection Application

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As long as CORROSIONX is present on the metal, it cannot rust or corrode! CORROSIONX also is dielectric therefore it is safe on electronics and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.  CORROSIONX stops existing rust and corrosion and keeps it from spreading on any metal surface.  A light spray of CORROSIONX on exposed Airconditioner Units, Heat Pumps, Fridges, Switches, Outboard Motors, Generators and Engines a couple of times a year will keep them looking like new – even in salty environments.  Originally made and widely used by the US Navy. Full NATO and US Military specs. Aviation approved.

• Penetrates, lubricates and protects against
   all further corrosion for a long time
• Will crawl into even the most inaccessible places
• Will not harm rubber or neoprene
• Will drive out all moisture trapped and seal the metal
• Is safe on all electrics and electronics
• Is non-flammable and is fine to weld over
• Is NZ MPI approved in the same class as Lanolin
• Can be applied over wet & corroded surfaces 

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